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Important! Upcoming Fire Smart Seminar for Seniors

The news has been full of stories the last few months about the drought in the southern interior and much of B.C.

The forecast for this summer is much the same. Fire season could be as bad or worse than anything we have seen.

To that end, the Lake Country Fire Department and the Lake Country Seniors Center Society are holding a FireSmart seminar next month. It is open to all Society Members.

The seminar will be held April 17th, 7 – 8pm at the new fire hall on Okanagan Center Road.

Members of the fire department will teach how to prepare our properties for this fire season. This applies to everyone,
living in every type of home.  As we saw last summer, embers from the west side of Okanagan Lake landed everywhere in Lake Country and beyond, creating significant threat to life and property.

We hope you will take part, to be prepared for what may be a challenging summer.

Again, April 17th, 7 – 8pm at the new Lake Country Fire Hall, 11063 Okanagan Centre Road East.  Limited seating, please call the Centre’s office at 250-766-4220 to reserve your seat!


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